Referral - Gynocology

Referral - Gynocology

We always like to keep our referral list up to date please contact us if any of the following information is inaccurate. Premier Pediatrics values our patients opinions. If you have had a particularly good or bad experience with one of our pediatric specialist, please let us know.


Robin Borkowsky M.D.
133 E58 Street Suite 502
+ insurance
Margaret Polaneczky MD
525 East 68 Street Suite J130
Audrey Bauxbaum MD
568 Broadway
Suite 304
Stephanie Lam MD
360 First Avenue
Rachel Masch MD
404 Park Aveune South #4L

Some insurance require a referral to be done by the Primary Care Physician. If you are a member of such insurance, please contact the office at least 48 hours prior to appointment time. It is recommended that you do so when you make the appointment with the specialist to insure that no problems have occurred. Please have all necessary information available when calling, ie: appointment date, time, MD name and Provider Number. Premier Pediatrics will not be responsible for referrals called on or after date of appointment.

Updated 6/19/14

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